Holiday Time at 84 Shady Oak 2016

hey everyone! this is Brent and Dante 🙂 hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!

i’m pretty excited to finally be able to put together some activities at our house!

consider this a private invitation. you can extend it to your S.O.s (significant others) including all of your immediate family.

please reply and give me some indication on the likelihood of which days and times you may show up.

if you need to you can call me at 828-414-1755


so here’s what’s up:

(we have a projector and screen on loan (thanks Ryan!) and can do some movie showings here now)

DEC 23 FRI 7pm (TOMORROW!!) (grownups only)
showing of Blade Runner (1980) (my personal all-time #1 favorite movie)

DEC 24 SAT 7pm (grownups only)
showing of Blade Runner (for those who can’t make it Fri — or maybe we’ll show a different movie)

DEC 25 SUN (XMAS DAY!) (grownups only)
for those of us flying solo on Xmas day, come and hang out here — we’ll make a big batch of homemade soup or spaghetti or something

DEC 26, 27, 28 MON-WED (anyone, but especially families)
“Three Day Open Door Hangout Session”

come as early as 12pm on Mon Dec 26
stay until as late as midnight Wed Dec 28
come and go anywhere in between 🙂

the idea is to let people stop by whenever they are available and stay as long as they want.

there will be lots of kids so this is will be ideal for families, but everyone is welcome. the kids will potentially range in age from 1 to 15.

Boffer Games
if you play “Boffer Games” — BRING YOUR GEAR!! (Dante and i have 2 bats of our own now) we’ll find some time to fight and introduce others to the sport.

Legos and Xbox
we have a room dedicated to nothing but Legos! and we have an Xbox (2-players at a time only though).

Board Games
if you love board games, bring some games to share (someone please bring “Settlers” woot!).

Are You a Werewolf?
speaking of games, TUE evening (4pm) will be the official “Are You a Werewolf” session. it is a large-group social deduction game that is WAY fun and parents and kids can play together. as a friend once said after being introduced “that was the first game i have played with my son when we both had an equally good time”.

i know there are a lot of very capable musicians on this list. if you feel like bringing your gear to play that would be simply awesome!

Need to work?
parents… if you need some time to work, i will set up a station upstairs in my studio/office where you can be away from the activities and put in a little work time.

i can offer my house for everyone to gather and have fun BUT i cannot offer food and drinks. therefore, this is a BYOE (bring your own everything). bring enough for you (and family). bring more if you want to share and feel free to cook here.

maybe some people can team up together to order pizza or some other takeout. you’re welcome to bring alcohol, but you will be expected to keep it minimal and discrete, of course.

if you would like to spend the night, we’re somewhat limited on bed spaces but we do have 3 spots for kids in Dante’s room. otherwise, bring sleeping bags.

we’re at 84 shady oak drive, asheville, nc, 28803 (see Google map below)

we have room for about 8 cars in the driveway comfortably, and room for about 6 on the street.